How a Woman Can Help Her Man Love Her Better

1. “Correct him”

Men, love it when the woman tells him when he wrongs. The problem is many women don’t know how to correct. Correct him with love, “Honey, don’t you think it would have been better if…”; don’t scold him like he is a little boy.

2. “Challenge him”

Do greater things than him, inspire him, expose him to greatness, make progress in your life that he feels he needs to pull up his socks. Don’t just sit lazy. A man wants a woman who is hungry for her own personal growth. Challenging him doesn’t mean looking down on him or asking why can’t he be like other men?

3. “Need him”

Men love feeling needed. Lovingly ask him for help, ask him for advice, “My love, what do you think I should do?”. Involve him in your life and when he does help, thank him.

4. “Pray for him”

No matter the level of a man’s spirituality, prayer is respected and considered sacred. Pray for him, let him hear you pray for him.

5. “Praise him”

The kind of compliments men love are, “You are such a good man”, “You make a great dad”, “Your mind is incredible”, “You have a sexy body”, “I love how you touch me”, “My honey, I am proud of you”. Praise him in private and in public.

6. “Sexually make advances”

Many women think sex is to be left to the man, so they wait for the man to make advances. They become passive and shy during sex. Lady, your husband will love it sometimes if you are sexually aggressive, ask for his body, reach to his penis. Show him that you know he belongs to you. Make sex an adventure.

7. “Show interest in him”

Ask him how his day is, his dreams, if he is OK. Most women want the man to show interest but they don’t show interest back.

8. “Trust him”

Don’t be overly possessive, demanding him to spend every second with you. Snooping his phone, being suspicious of him, chocking his social life, . Be mature, if you push him away, he will keep things from you then things will get ugly. Most men keep things from their women, not because they are doing something wrong but because their women read too much into everything and pick up petty fights. This is dangerous. You are his Queen, wear your crown with confidence.

9. “Complain less”

So many women don’t even know they complain, they think they are simply expressing their right to speak and get things done properly. But men dislike a complaining woman, if he doesn’t do things as you like, if he is not at your level; don’t attack and nag. Just simply request him to do things a better way, but as you do so, appreciate the much he has done so far.

10. “Give him peace”

This is what we all want when with a person. Peace. Peace at home. No fights, no frustrations, no stress. If your man is spending less time with you, perhaps you’re not giving him peace. Men avoid complicated and draining environments. Lady, you complaining to him that he doesn’t spend much time with you makes things worse. Attract him to you by giving him peace.

11. “Look good”

Dress up, look sexy. Don’t look good only when you are outside the home, look good also when it’s just you two.

12. “Spoil him”

Cater to him, cook for him, buy him gifts, treat him like a king, straighten his tie. Sadly, today’s career women find doing these simple things as being beneath them.

13. “Have good conversations”

Men get attracted to good conversations. They want laughter, depth, intelligent conversations. They want to be listened to, to be wowed by a woman’s mind. A woman who talks lovey dovey stuff but also about business, governance, social issues, a great vision; that woman is a keeper.

14. “Eat with him”

Men love a good meal. Make it habit to eat with him. Food brings people together.

15. “Be admiral”

Succeed in your personal life, do great things outside your relationship/marriage. Shine as a woman. Make him proud to say ‘That is my woman/wife”.

16. “Be friendly to his friends”

Don’t fight his friends. Find out who his friends are, get to have laughs and talks with them. Support his social life, be good to his family and siblings.

17. “Make effort to understand what he likes”

Find out what he likes and spend time with him doing that thing. If he loves rugby, watch matches with him sometimes; if he wins an award, go cheer him as he receives it.

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