9 Ways to Overcome Guilt After Cheating Your Partner

Lyrics from Sloan’s ‘The Other Man’ say: “You know I want to keep my distance, does it happen anyway? He knows you’re gonna drift apart, and there’s nothing he can say I know that he’s a stand-up guy, but that’s none of my concern. We’ve all been in one situation or another, it’s my turn.”Yes, […]

16 Important things most couples stop doing once they get married

1. “Saying I love you” It is sad that it is difficult for couples married for years to tell each other ‘I love you’ yet when they were dating those three words were spoken so easily 2. “Praying together” When a man and woman start dating, they often tend to involve God. They pray, they […]

Relationship expert shares advice for women of all ages

By Dr. John Demartini We had a Q&A session with human behaviourist Dr John Demartini, on some of the challenges associated with dating in today’s society … Some life situations can be more challenging than others when it comes to dating. What is your advice to a widower, single mother and moms of teen daughters? The […]