Five Things You Can Do as a Couple Instead of Binge Watching TV Shows

Talk! Instead of spending an entire day in silence with your eyes glued to the TV, switch off that television and engage in actual conversation. Talk about each other’s dreams, interests, inspirations and goals. You’d be surprised how much you’d learn about each other. Get creative in the Kitchen Couples who cook together stay together! […]

How Narcissism Affects All Your Relationships

Are you a narcissist? Narcissism is when you have an inflated sense of self-importance. This makes you excessively need and demand admiration, have a sense of entitlement, disregard other people’s feelings and makes you unable to handle any criticism. Narcissism is an acquired disorder stemming out of: 1. Heavy pampering during childhood 2. Societal prejudice […]

How to introduce your partner to the people in your life

1. Introduce the one you love to your parents. That is your role, your partner cannot introduce himself/herself. This shows you take pride in your lovelife and you two are serious about each other. 2. If you two are married, don’t introduce your spouse by the parental role but by the marital role. Don’t say […]

Things You Could Be Doing That make Your Spouse Feel Disrespected

1. Shouting at him/her in public. If you want to correct your spouse, pull him/her aside. 2. Failing to introduce your spouse in public. Always affirm your spouse’s position in public, say “This is my wife/husband”. 3. Coming home full when your spouse invested time and effort to cook for you. If you know you […]