Here’s Why A Lot Of Women Feel Having More Se*x Makes Their Butt!s Increase In Size

According to the endless wisdom of the internet, I now know that a lot of people think some very weird shit starts happening to your body when you have sex. I don’t just mean things like grinning stupidly throughout the day and feeling weirdly proud of yourself, I mean physical, bodily changes from the inside […]

I swear you will never MASTURBATE after seeing this! Never ever!

The trend, however, is not all joy and the following are reasons you must stay away from it. 1. Masturbation weakens you. It drains your body of protein and calcium content  2. Masturbation creates nervousness as well as neurological problems 3. Masturbation is one of the major causes for erectile dysfunction. 4. The trend leads […]

How the Aries New Moon Will Light Up Your Se*x and L0ve Life

Just like full moons have a rep for stirring up drama, you may have heard that new moons offer a unique opportunity to set intentions. The lunar phase occurs roughly every 29.5 days when the moon is positioned between the sun and the earth in such a way that it’s shrouded from view. In astrology, […]

What Are the Best Se*x Positions to Get Pregnant?

Given the way you’re taught to fear accidental pregnancy (“it only takes one time!!!” said every sex ed teacher ever), it can be pretty emotionally taxing on a couple that’s actually ready to conceive when they don’t get instant results. And considering the number of sex positions you can Google on the internet or flip […]

5 Reasons Men Succeed at Work but Fail in Relationships

Why do you think so many traditionally successful men have failed relationships or problems connecting with women? Men, biologically, are programmed to be hunters and providers. Our self worth (incorrectly) often rests on what we make, what we have, the value we bring. This puts many men on a path of chasing external validation and accomplishments. A good job, […]

How to Cope With a Toxic Relationship

We can experience toxic relationships in our families, in the workplace, and among friend groups. They can be extremely stressful if the toxicity is not effectively managed. While they cannot always be avoided, toxic relationships can be managed with healthy boundaries, self-care, and above all, awareness. Here is what you should know about toxic relationships, including what […]

7 Ways to Be Newlyweds After Years of Marriage

A healthy and invigorating marriage is something all couples should strive to maintain, regardless of age or years married. High-spirited relationships are often envied by others, but more critically, you will prevent the mundane tasks of daily life from thwarting long-term happiness. However, both spouses have to put forth deliberate effort to prevent a marriage from going stale. […]