Perhaps you’re thinking that you already know everything that you need to know in the art of oral sex, right? Even so, we’re still going to tell you some of the most common mistakes that men should really avoid when he’s eating his woman out. You don’t want to turn her off, in the middle of the process, right?

Mistake #1: Using Your Teeth
Believe it or not, some men think that a bit of “tooth action” on the love button can feel good under certain circumstances. The truth is, the only circumstance where you’re allowed to go near her clit with your teeth is if you want her to kill you right away. The teeth don’t, and will never, feel good anywhere the clit. Do yourself a favor and never use your teeth during cunnilingus.

Mistake #2: Diving in the Cl!tor!s and Staying There
A lot of men think that the surest way to turn a woman on is starting at the tip of her love button– the clitoris, since this is where most of the action seems to be. Unfortunately, this is not the way ‘arousal’ often works.

In order to get truly aroused, it’s important for a woman to have a pent-up sexual tension first. Thus, it’s more preferable if you’ll slowly approach the center of interest, rather than hitting it with your tongue right away.

Before making a contact with the vu!va, shower it with kisses. You can start by nuzzling, kissing, and licking the lower abdomen, inner thighs, mons pubis, and other areas near the private region.

Mistake #3: Changing the Sp0t or Speed Right Away
The moment when the women say, “Yesss” or “That’s great!” the usual assumption of men is that it’ll be better if he’ll increase the speed or apply more pressure on the spot. This is a bad idea. Instead, continue following the same rhythm and don’t make any changes in the intensity or speed. Allow the woman to relax. This is where the slow buildup takes place.

Mistake #4: Shaking Your Head
P0rn is different from real life, and you can’t mimic the ridiculous oral techniques done there, especially the move where the man jabs his tongue straight into the woman’s hole, and instead of licking and teasing the vagina, shakes his head between the legs.

Mistake #5: Treating the Vag!na Like a Ball00n
Never try to lock your lips around the vagina hole and blow hardly into it. She’s not a sex doll! If you want to blow, do it lightly and just around the vagina. This can be hot if done correctly. However, blowing air into the hole is something really dangerous and it could even lead to queefing.

Mistake #6: Giving Cl!t H!ckeys
Hickeys are old school. However, for those who want to leave a mark on their lover, this can be done on the bosom, thigh, or neck. Never wrap your lips around the clit and suck it like a lollipop, that it will start to swell badly. This intense suction on the clit will never feel good, but really painful.

Mistake #7: Not Getting Her Feedback
It doesn’t matter how experienced you are, because women are not the same. A new lover means you must learn something new in regard to how she wants to be licked. Even with the same lover, the preferences can also change. She may be in the mood to try something new or “wilder.” As you lick her soft spot, ask her, “Do you want me to lick harder or lighter?”

Mistake #8: Starting and Not Finishing It
Familiar with the saying, “never leave a man behind”? This applies to the ladies too. If you have other plans or you’re just not in the mood to perform oral sex, don’t bother.
Your girlfriend would rather you not start at all rather than leaving her in the middle of the moment only to do your errands or hang out with your buddies. That being said, if you don’t want to finish it, there’s no need to even start.

Now that you’ve read this guide, we hope that you’ll be able to give the best oral sex to your partner. More often than not, women prefer cunnilingus more than regular sex, because the tongue is more versatile and it’s capable of creating a number of sensations unlike the penis.

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