You’ve been with your partner for a long time and things aren’t as hot as they used to be. Not only is that relatively common amongst couples but it’s also temporary with the right tricks and techniques. Re-establishing passion in your relationship may not be easy but it’s certainly possible. According to modern-day relationship experts, there are several reasons why couples experience a decrease in sexuality or passion in the bedroom. This is especially true within long-term relationships but the problem persists among new couples as well. The top five reasons why passion goes on the decline are:

Personal Inhibitions

Reservations in the bedroom are passion killers. When one or more person has a negative view of sex or sexuality, it’s extremely difficult to keep the fire burning. Inhibitions foster feelings of guilt, fear, and self-consciousness that often manifest themselves in repulsive ways. Years of dealing with unresolved inhibitions can create a barrier in the relationship that may require counseling to fix.

Poor Prioritizing or Initiative

In a healthy relationship, sex is set as a priority. Time and energy are divided equally among other duties and obligations. However, couples who put intimacy on the back burner may wake up one day to realize the fire has been put out. On the contrary, having sex simply out of obligation is no way to instill passion in a relationship. Both partners must feel the urge and act on it in a timely and self-driven manner.

Performance Anxiety

Focusing too intently on sexual performance can deplete a relationship’s passion reserves as well. Performance anxiety is often translated by the other partner as a sign that the relationship is lacking something – love, connection, enjoyment, etc. Being preoccupied with things like stamina, endurance and pleasure can communicate several negative things, including selfishness and a general lack of motivation and desire. Over time, unchecked performance anxiety can render a relationship flameless.

Loss of Attraction

There are many couples who stay together despite being no longer attracted to one another. In those cases, restoring passion is extremely difficult. For whatever reason, whether it be due to body changes, hidden bitterness, mistrust or habitually poor performances, a loss of attraction can significantly decrease the hunger between individuals in a sexual relationship. Generally, partners must find new ways to appreciate or feel smitten with their lover or else the passion never returns.


Perhaps the biggest threat to relationship passion is monotony. tediousness. Dullness in the bedroom leads to boredom, which ultimately leads to a form of familiarity that decreases anticipation and makes it difficult to get excited about sex. Fortunately, this is one of the easiest passion killers to fix. Most couples have incredible luck with marital aids (a.k.a. sex toys) and a little perverted creativity. Although there are plenty of things that can threaten the passion between you and your lover, there are also several tools available to couples who are willing and able to use them. Rekindling the flame doesn’t have to be difficult when you take a proactive approach to your relationship.

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