Things That Will Destroy Your Entire Relationship

1. Lack of trust in your partner Meaningless suspicion is a big no-no in any relationship. Healthy relationships are built on trust and respect. Suspicion destroys relationships immediately and it is very hard to get over the fact that you are suspected by the one person you thought trusts you entirely. Always be open with […]

The Best Relationship Of Your Life Will Be With Someone Who Does These Things

Never underestimate the influence of someone with whom you are planning to share your life with. Your relationship plays an important part in your life and so does your partner. Of course, you can’t absolutely be sure about another human being but these are the few things you should check in a person before you […]

10 Characteristics of Highly Desirable Women

Different people find different characteristics attractive. Some go for laughter, a voluptuous build, intelligence, etc. etc. Besides physical appearance, men fall in love with a lot of other things that a woman possesses. There are a few characteristics that are related to your soul that any decent man will love. Check out the list we […]

8 Things You Will Only Feel In A Long-Term Relationship

RELATIONSHIP 8 Things You Will Only Feel In A Long-Term Relationship “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” ― C.G. Jung All you singles out there enjoy an incredible life by giving more time to yourself and by earning more, but, […]

DON`T IGNORE, You need to ask your lover this 20 questions, their answer will prove something to you

The questions u need to ask your partner before u will become couple. Why do you love me. Why do u admire me, and what are ur pet peeves. what do i use to entices you. What are ur goal and are u willing to adjust them for the relationship. Do you know how to […]


Before the arguments, responsibilities, and kids, you were thinking of ways to spend more quality time. By the umpteenth year, you’re contemplating ways to get away on your own. It’s a process that all long-term relationships endure. But this process, ironically, can also strengthen your loving bond: the more you overcome together, the stronger you […]

LADIES, Here’s The Secret to Happy Marriage, Thank us Later

1). Never raise your voice for any reason to your husband. Its a sign of disrespect.(Prov 15v1) 2). Don’t expose your husband’s weaknesses to your family and friends. You are each other’s keeper.(Eph 5v12) 3). Never use attitudes and moods to communicate to your husband, you never know how your husband will interpret them.(Prov 15v13) […]