Reasons Why Female Empaths Will Always Struggle to Find ‘The One’

Being in constant company of an empath can be extremely hard. Not all people are meant to take on this job. Those who do means they are truly ready to be with this person.

Empaths are definitely amazing people. They don’t just date around and enjoy romantic flings; either you are in it for the long run or you are not.

It can be harder for them to find the right men and we are here to tell you why!

  1. Their Emotions Are Powerful
    It often rushes beyond bounds. An Empath feels strongly. While it is beautiful, it can be too much for some people. That kind of emotional intensity needs to be controlled or it can wreck havoc on both people.
  2. They Are Difficult To Understand And Often Misunderstood
    There are parts of themselves that they will never let anybody see. You’re going to have to make peace with that. Or in case they do open themselves up completely, there will be parts of them you just simply won’t understand. Most human beings are not willing to put in that kind of effort or end up not truly understanding that person and that harms the relationship.
  3. They Know What They Want
    Empaths generally do not indulge in anything meaningless. The casual dating is not for them. They are not interested in one night stands. If you start dating them, they will offer you a serious emotional intensity, which may not be accepted by most people.

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  1. They Ask a Lot Of Questions
    It is not because they don’t trust you so they are questioning you. They simply must know and understand everything happening around them. Being logical and with rational minds, they will need you to be in the clear about your actions and reactions, instead of leaving it to mere intuition.
  2. They Prefer Honesty
    They are honest to the point of being harsh, even though the last thing they wanted to do was to hurt you. They do not mean to hurt you, or make you sad. It is just who they are. They see things for what they are, and do not change the truth. They will present situations to you in their most honest version. Their bluntness can be too much for some people.
  3. They Need Emotional Satisfaction
    For them, it is not so much about the sex. They need to be happy emotionally in order to function in the relationship. This means no lies, all honestly, no unnecessary anger or any other form of abuse. People can find this kind of emotional investment a bit overwhelming sometimes.
  4. They Need Their Freedom
    At no point in a relationship should an empath feel like they are being chained down. This means that you cannot impose any sort of restrictions on them. They will do what they want, and dress however they want. You cannot cage them. Most men generally find it difficult to give women this kind of liberty.
  5. They Tend To Take Things A Bit Too Personally
    Because of them feeling so much more and deeper than other people, they might take things a bit too seriously and personally. This leads to having their feelings hurt and owing them an apology when you weren’t even aware that one was needed.
  6. They Do Not Believe In Flings
    They are in it to win it. An Empath will not be interested in the kind of relationship that won’t last forever. They are looking for their soul mate and will only invest their emotional labor into something worthwhile.
  7. They Want Somebody Who Is Reliable
    That means that the partner needs to be trustworthy. She needs to be able to feel at home with them, and speak to them about absolutely anything. The person needs to support them, and motivate them through their lives.
  8. They See Both Good And Bad In People
    It will be extremely difficult for you to predict which one is more important to her. Sometimes, she will choose the good side. Sometimes, the bad side will push her away. You cannot control or predict this behavior.
  9. They Love Very Strongly
    It is the kind of love only the luckiest people have had a chance to experience. You will feel like you are the luckiest human being in the world, and will be engulfed by all the feelings. Words will never be enough to describe what an Empath is capable of making you feel if she chooses you as her partner. Fall in love with one to find out!

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