DON`T IGNORE, You need to ask your lover this 20 questions, their answer will prove something to you

The questions u need to ask your partner before u will become couple.

  1. Why do you love me.
  2. Why do u admire me, and what are ur pet peeves.
  3. what do i use to entices you.
  4. What are ur goal and are u willing to adjust them for the relationship.
  5. Do you know how to comprise.
  6. What’s your relationship with your family, do ur family like me and want me. ALSO READ: MUST READ: 4 MEN TO AVOID IF YOU WANT A HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP
  7. Why do u want to spend life journey with me, or what do u see in me before u…
  8. Can you work through patches.
  9. Can u keep romantic alive and spending qualities time with ur family.
  10. What are your parenting skill.
  11. Can u commit to grow with me, instead of away from me.
  12. Will u continue to grow in the relationship.
  13. God for bid, if my life is cut short, will u honor my memory forever.


  1. What’s ur plan to make this relationship to have solid and good foundation.
  2. Will our experience with our exes help or hinder us.
  3. How important is religion to u.
  4. Can u deal with my doing things without u.
  5. How many children do u want us to have.
  6. How is important is s*x to u.
  7. Will we have children, if we do, will you change diapers.
  8. How do u see us,next 10 yrs. So pray that God should be ur family pillar and make it perfect.

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