10 Characteristics of Highly Desirable Women

Different people find different characteristics attractive. Some go for laughter, a voluptuous build, intelligence, etc. etc.

Besides physical appearance, men fall in love with a lot of other things that a woman possesses. There are a few characteristics that are related to your soul that any decent man will love.

Check out the list we made:

1. Her compassion and ability to nurture

Compassion and kindness are sure to attract men. It’s hard to find others who are genuinely compassionate. Those who are naturally affectionate are attractive to many. A man will go for a woman who lights up every room she is in. It is something that a woman can possess that is very hard not to be attracted and blinded by!

2. Her ambitions and drive

A girl who is aware of her goals and the path she will follow to reach them is very attractive. She doesn’t take any nonsense and does what needs to be done in order to get where she wants to go. She’s great in a relationship because she doesn’t back down from challenges. Also, a woman with ambitions and a woman that pursues and goes after her goals inspires the man beside her to be better himself.

3. Her lack of interest in the spotlight

There are women who get attention even though they never go looking for it. They wouldn’t be caught dead asking to be complimented or going out of their way to get the spotlight. These women will earn respect and honor for the great things they achieve.

4. Her readiness to laugh

Guys like it when they’re with a girl they can have a good laugh with, especially when they don’t feel the need to hide any part of their personality. If a woman can laugh with a guy as well as at him, without making him feel hurt, she is truly special. A good sense of humor in a woman is very attractive to any men!

5. Her hobbies and the things she is passionate about

When a woman has true passion, she is very attractive, and this doesn’t mean just passion during sex. If she is genuinely interested in something, she’ll do everything possible to master it. Her fiery and passionate personality will draw in anyone around her.

6. Her sense of self-worth

It’s easy to be around someone who is confident in the person they are. A decent man will be highly attracted to a woman who is different, who is sure of her independence and has a lot of confidence in herself. Confidence is one of the most attractive things a woman can possess and it is very hard, almost impossible, to not be attracted to a self confident woman.

7. Her gentleness

Though men and women are equals when it comes to a romantic relationship, a man will also want to protect his woman, and it is essential to give them that. It is important to be strong and independent but it is equally important to be gentle whenever possible.

8. Her ability to express herself

When she has an opinion about an issue or if she feels that something is lacking in the way she is being treated, she will step right up and tell you. There are no blurred lines with her and the way she is honest about everything makes her highly desirable. A woman that is able to communicate her needs is a confident and mature woman.

9. Her willingness to go with the flow

No man wants to be around when things get too dramatic and they’re all looking for women they can be completely at ease with. Whenever a man is with a woman who is always anxious, on edge and straight laced, he is made to feel like he is not desirable. An easy going woman is a woman that most men prefer and desire.

10. Her friendliness and tolerance towards others

She gets along with everyone, from his best buds to his family members, to the girl who works at that shop at the mall down the road. An attractive woman is naturally friendly and tolerant, even with strangers. But this doesn’t mean she is a pushover. She’s always ready to defend herself and those she cares about, if other people start acting in a reprehensible manner.

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