8 Signs He’s going To Pop the Question Soon

You and your partner have been dating for a while now and it has reached that point where you feel there’s need to take your relationship to the next level… Show each other your socks collection! Kidding! Get married, have kids and grow happily old together in the comfort of a legal union. When a man particularly gets to that point in life, where he feels like it’s time for him to donate his last name to his woman, he will change and start to act funny. And when he starts acting funny it might just mean that one of his knees is itching to get down and pave way for him to ask his partner to be his forever.

Anyway, let us look at some signs that your partner is about to propose to you:

1.He starts talking nonstop about your future together. We already know that a guy who easily talks about his plans for the future and those plans majorly feature you -PS: women like this kind of guy-is a keeper! But when he is constantly letting you know that he sees a bright future ahead for the two of you, he might just be looking for your reaction to see if you are on the same page and your reaction will play a huge role in assuring him that he is about to make the right decision to marry you …or not!

2.Your partner has started saving up cash lately and won’t tell you why all of a sudden he has become Mr. Frugal. He could be saving for that perfect ring and a good ring does not come cheap you know!

3.If your man decides to take charge out of the blue to plan a vacation for both of you whereas he would normally prefer to sit back and let you do everything and while he’s at it he doesn’t even ask for/want your help, something might be up!

4.If you catch your partner rummaging through your stuff and particularly your jewelry box, he might be trying to determine your taste in jewelry.

5.Your partner could also blatantly ask for your ring size and tell you about that ring he saw at some store that he thinks you will like and is thinking of getting it for you or if you ever notice one of your favorite rings missing… well, he could’ve sneakily stolen it to determine your ring size. In which case just make sure not to automatically assume that he stole your ring in order to get you an engagement ring, you could’ve just misplaced your ring.

6.To make it a perfect proposal without you freaking out about how horrible your manicure looks, your partner could get you a manicure appointment or he will suddenly try to make you get a manicure which he would be too willing to pay for. He could also be in cahoots with your friends to get you to the manicurist by planning a manicure date when it’s something you’ve never done together before.

7.People who intend to propose in the near future get all sentimental. They start reminiscing about how and when you met, what it felt like for them, how their life has gotten better since they met you and take you down memory lane…

8.If your partner suddenly takes a keen interest in the things you have probably told him you love about a million times before and he never paid you any attention but he is now all eyes and ears noticing your favorite food, flowers, music, activity, city to visit, everything… he could be trying to incorporate these details into a personalized proposal.

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