How women are often their own worst enemy

Shot of a young couple having relationship problems at home

1. They depend on a man to tell them they are beautiful in order to see themselves as beautiful. A man should confirm what you already know- you are beautiful.

2. They allow themselves to have unprotected sex with a man they don’t know well or a man not serious about a future with them then suffer when that irresponsible man leaves them pregnant.

3. They sometimes overthink issues leading to unwanted stress.

4. They listen to so many voices that they forget to hear their own voice and the words of truth and wisdom.

5. They stop believing in love when the wrong men they gave themselves to hurt them. Love was not on the wrong, it was your choice that was wrong. Don’t let a wrong choice keep you from love.

6. They steal another woman’s man/husband yet foolishly hope that man will be loyal to them.

7. In order to make people happy or fit in society they forget about themselves.

8. Her man is cheating on her, beating her and insulting her but she makes excuses for him and stays, locking herself in a prison she is too valuable to be in.

9. Allowing a man to silence and kill her dream. Lady, there is more to you than being a wife and mother. God gave you a purpose and dreams too, a man who loves you will support your dreams.

10. Giving the wrong men many chances yet ignoring the man who is good for her.

11. Holding on to insults, ridicule and negative words said to her making her heart heavy. Lady, why have a bank for toxic words spoken to you, why are you helping your enemies to beat you down?

12. Staying in relationships and environments that damage her self-esteem.

13. Allowing the media to tell her who a good man for her is, making her too superficial to even notice love when it comes her way.

14. Using her own poisonous tongue and bitter personality to ruin her own marriage.

15. Getting a good man but running away from him because all her life she has been told she doesn’t deserve the best.

16. Wasting her months crying over a relationship that rightfully ended instead of moving on.

17. Jumping into conclusions and acting irrationally, instead of keeping calm and seeking out the facts then act. Many women push their good men away this way.

18. Wanting to get married and have a great family yet wasting her time dating playful immature men who are not husband material.

19. Baby sitting her pity and problems looking for sympathy, circling around the same problem, a victim of circumstances; instead of taking charge of her life.

20. Being selfish, cold and mean; yet she wonders why friends and men avoid her.

21. Climbing up the ladder of success by sleeping with powerful men instead of using her brilliant mind and hard work; yet she wonders why people use her and don’t respect her.

22. Failing to live by the same wise advise she gives to other women.

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