Important traits of successful daters

by Carly Spindel

These are tips straight from a matchmaker and of course they’re fabulous …

You deserve only the best!

Dating has its ups and downs, but it’s important to remember why you’re out there in the first place: You want to be spending time with someone who will give you what you want, because after all, there’s no use going after something that’s not right for you.

So, what’s the most important thing to remember while you’re out there sharing meals and drinks with new guys every week in the search for love? Stay true to yourself. If you’re not exactly sure what that means or how to do it, read on.

These are tips straight from a matchmaker and of course they’re fabulous…

Love the one you want

If you want to date a tall, dark, and handsome mysterious guy, no one can stop you. If you want to meet a guy with a motorcycle, or an elementary school teacher (or one who’s both) you know what you’re attracted to and who will be good for you in the end. Don’t fight it.

Trying to convince yourself that the perfect person on paper is right for you, when that’s not who you’re innately attracted to, will only lead you down the wrong path in the end.

Don’t ‘settle’

Don’t put too much effort into a guy if you know in the end he’s not going to make you happy. Be true to yourself and who you want to date. If you want a boyfriend but you’re hanging out with a guy who can’t commit, don’t go out with him again. It’s a waste of your time and his …

You can’t change a man

It’s not just men who love a challenge. Ladies, if you meet a guy who says he doesn’t want a girlfriend, listen to him. Don’t make him into your pet project.

Go after someone who wants to be your boyfriend, not a guy who tells you clearly he does not…

Have confidence

When you realise you’re fabulous, other people will too. When you appreciate yourself, other people will appreciate you.

Dating is only fun if you realise how great you are!

Don’t forget that you’re a catch and you should be with a guy who is chasing after you.

Be yourself

When some women meet a man they like, they turn into the girl of his dreams. This isn’t healthy. Instead of turning into an actress, you should be with the man of your dreams. Besides, regardless of how good your acting skills are, your true self will come out eventually. So remember that honesty is the best policy and you deserve to be with any man you want.

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