Where to get marriage advice

1. “From those who have been successfully married for years”

They will teach you that marriage has seasons. They will demonstrate to you that marriage does work and teach you what it takes to make it work based on their real experience.

2. “From the divorced”

They will teach you how real the problems in marriage are. They will explain to you the pain of losing a marriage and why you shouldn’t go there, warning you of things to look out for so that you protect your marriage.

3. “From children”

Children know more than we give them credit for. They are brutally honest and their love is pure. They will reveal to you how a failed marriage hurts them and a working marriage blesses them. They are the biggest losers when husband and wife fail.

4. “From newly weds”

They will remind you of the promise of love. They are the embodiment of how love should be, love undefiled before the storms of life come in. A couple that has been married for years and their marriage in shambles can look at newly weds and be reminded of the love they had before they let life’s issues divide them.

5. “From a spiritual leader”

A spiritual leader has walked with many couples and is prayerful and wise. This leader will tell you there is nothing new under the sun, that every marriage undergoes similar challenges and those challenges can be worked on.

6. “From the unmarried”

Sometimes people who are married can be so caught up in their mess that it takes someone from outside to open their eyes. Sometimes you need someone outside the marriage institution to show you how you and your spouse are acting childish and foolish, how you are ruining such an important institution on petty things.

7. “From those who grew up in a broken home”

They have witnessed first hand the pain of a toxic marriage, they know how it hurts and will advise you against poisoning and ruining your own marriage.

8. “From those who grew up in a stable home”

They will help you see the benefit of loving your spouse. They will give you evidence why it is in your best interest and that of your children to make your marriage work.

9. “From Scripture”

Marriage is God’s idea. The truths to live by in keeping marriage together are found in Scripture.

10. “From a counselor”

They have seen many marriages thrive and others fail, equipping them with wisdom. They have the gift of looking at the bigger picture, breaking down issues and helping you find a solution.

11. “From a wife who was beaten up and betrayed by her husband”

To the woman, she will teach why it is important to choose the right man and the consequence of giving your life to a man who is dangerous. To the man, she will teach how a man can mess up a woman’s life and show him why he needs to care for his wife.

12. “From a husband who messed up his marriage”

He will teach fellow men why wrecking your own home is not worth it.

13. “From a single parent”

He/she will remind why you should count yourself blessed to have a spouse to love you, to raise children with, to be your companion, to grow old with. Some married people don’t know how good they have it.

Marriage is an institution that affects everyone. So one can learn from so many sources!

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