How Lovers Can Prevent Themselves From Drifting Apart

You have a good love and you want it to last, here are tips from Dayan Masinde on how couples can keep that good love. 1. “Talk daily” Everyone must talk daily, if your lover is not talking to you daily, your lover is talking to someone else or other people and that is dangerous. Don’t let […]

Confession: ‘My husband didn’t make me happy’

by Kristian Henderson My husband didn’t make me happy, so we divorced. Simply put, I blamed him for my unhappiness … He didn’t make me feel loved, appreciated or valued. I complained that he was always working late and when he wasn’t working he was asleep. I complained that he didn’t wash the dishes, he […]

Five Things You Can Do as a Couple Instead of Binge Watching TV Shows

Talk! Instead of spending an entire day in silence with your eyes glued to the TV, switch off that television and engage in actual conversation. Talk about each other’s dreams, interests, inspirations and goals. You’d be surprised how much you’d learn about each other. Get creative in the Kitchen Couples who cook together stay together! […]

Turkish Airlines reverses stewardess lipstick ban

Turkish Airlines has reversed a ban on air hostesses wearing brightly-coloured lipstick following accusations it was trying to Islamise the company under government influence. The airline’s chief executive officer Temel Kotil announced the move in the Turkish media accusing overzealous lower-level airline executives of having imposed the ban. “Staff can use the colour they want. […]

15 things you (probably) didn’t know about DJ Adrian’s award winning 1961 VW Karmann Ghia

1. He bought it for Kshs 70,000 as a complete shell from a friend who had purchased it from the original owner in Meru. 2. He doesn’t have a name for the car (insert shock emoji). 3. It took him 3 years to restore it. 4. He had to source all the parts since the […]